Fernando Vilanova Miranda


Born and raised in El Salvador, one of the smallest countries in Latin America, I made my way to New York City to pursue my career in film at The New York University. I graduated. I had to stick around.

I worked at Radical Media, not that I was a director or anything. I did everything from drive the prop vans, to hold up reflectors, to edits, and even managed to get myself a spot as an extra as a back masseuse in a Lonely Island video. Back then that was my claim to fame. Radical was a great experience, I learned the ropes and wore many hats (and helmets, and belts and shoes). I could say I have come a long way since then… There was that time I got to work at the Cannes Film Festival, got sent to Scotland to direct a commercial, got nominated for some awards in Latin America (and was honored with one).

I am now back in El Salvador working as a cinematographer, and am married, have a baby, with 100 commercials under my belt…and counting. I am a curious person, always reading and learning about new things and techniques, love to be up to date with the latest, take my camera everywhere and try to capture details in my shots, I aim to convey my passion for my work in my film and photography. 

Awards &

XXI Festival Caribe 2014 - 'Revolución' Digicel (Bronze Prize Best Cinematography)

Casa Galería │Luxury Living - 'Cardedeu' Cover Story

Ciclope International Festival of Craft 2013 - "Millennials" Movistar Nicaragua (Gold Prize)

XIX Festival Caribe 2012 - 'Yo Quiero' Banco Agrícola (Short List Selection)

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